Medical Assistant-Neurology

Medical Assistant-Neurology


Position Overview: The role of a Qualified Medical Assistant is to supply care to patients/significant others through direct and/or telephone contact, following recognized standards and practices. S/he coordinates with other members of the care team to ensure smooth care shipment, maximal coordination of efforts, and active patient participation in preparation and care. Assists physician or other service provider with medical procedures.

Typical Physical Demands: Needs complete range of body motion including moving and lifting patients, manual and finger mastery and eye-hand coordination. Requires sitting and/or meaning extended periods of time. Periodically exerts as much as 100 pounds of force, such as assisting patients in occurring from the examination table, pressing patients in wheelchairs, or helping patients into/out of wheelchairs. Needs corrected vision and hearing to regular range. Might need periodic lifting and bring office products.

Normal Working Conditions: May require frequent direct exposure to infectious illness and body fluids, harmful substances, medical preparations, and other compounds and conditions common to a medical office environment. Needs operating in close proximity to other personnel. Requires use of computer keyboard throughout the work day. May need usage of autoclave for instrument sanitation. Requires working under demanding conditions and/or working irregular hours.


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • At least one year of clinical experience in a medical workplace/ clinic or healthcare facility setting, or graduate of an accredited medical assistant program.
  • Record of prior stable employment and/ or beneficial references.


  • Graduate of a recognized medical assistant program with a minimum of one year of recent experience as a medical assistant.
  • Present certification as a medical assistant or eligible for certification.
  • Needs to obtain certification through the CMM M.A test course if not yet licensed sometimes of work.
  • Current CPR/ BLS certification.


A. Scientific Knowledge and Skills

1. Demonstrates medical proficiency in the direct care of patients in recognized location( s) of practice, and assisting MDs with procedures.

2. Performs scientific duties within scope of practice complying with the accepted CareMount Medical and/or individual department standards, policies, and procedures.

3. Shows a proactive technique to client care, concentrating on attending to each client’s specific and family needs at the time of service; interacts identified needs in a prompt way.

4. Directs and/or escorts patients to test spaces in a prompt manner.

5. Shown scientific competence when assisting physician/mid-level healthcare specialist and/or nurse during examinations and workplace diagnostic procedures/treatments

6. Carries out authorized procedures competently (i.e. vital indications, vision screening, selected laboratory tests) as directed by doctor or nurse in medical practice area.

7. Seeks validation/guidance from physicians, mid-level health care specialist and/or nurse when needed.

8. Prepares e-prescriptions for processing to pharmacies when advised to do so by doctor per CareMount Medical policy.

9. Inspects, cleans/prepares and procedures instruments/equipment according to producers’ or CareMount Medical guidelines.

10. Procedures specimens for transportation to laboratory, making sure that specimens are effectively labeled and appropriate orders have actually been placed in NextGen.

B. Interaction

1. Communicates expertly in all circumstances and across all methods (e-mail, telephone, and EHR)

2. Demonstrates effective interaction methods reflective of the needs of all patients, consisting of those from vulnerable populations

3. Actively participates in the care team to ensure that patient needs and preferences are included into the comprehensive plan of care

4. Alerts clients and reception staff immediately of unexpected physician// mid-level health care expert hold-ups or scheduling modifications.

5. Provides peace of mind to clients who are upset and/or in need of support or additional info.

6. Responses telephone immediately and courteously and determines self by name and department (and physician’s office by physician’s name, if suitable)

7. Successfully and effectively examines patient call and schedules same-day (work-in) visits according to department or individual doctor guidelines.

8. Facilitates client referrals and pre-certs as required; communicates prospective for extra care coordination with outside companies and/or service providers when recognized

9. Seeks resource and assistance from doctors, other scientific staff and Patient Care Supervisor as required.

C. Organizational Skills

1. Shows capability to set priorities appropriately toward the accomplishment of a wanted result

2. Sets concerns efficiently to guarantee timely conclusion of appointed work.

3. Requests support as proper in order to complete designated work.

4. Takes and leaves complete, suitable and signed messages as required.

5. Effectively & effectively processes several and/or simultaneous jobs.

6. Informs clients of quantity of time required to address or address their requests or concerns. Completes such requests as immediately as possible and/or informs client of expected (or unexpected) hold-ups.

D. Documents

1. Documents in EHR all medical details as directed (i.e. prescriptions/immunizations/VS/ treatments/allergies per CareMount Medical/department procedure).

E. Team Dynamics

1. Determines problems and offers solutions to keep the smooth performance of the department & patient/personnel safety

2. Deals to assist others when work load allows.

3. Supplies support to expert & non-professional staff.

4. Is cooperative & unbiased in working in a team setting

5. Functions as an effective preceptor to brand-new staff as appointed.

6. Actively takes part in department staff meetings.

7. Assists Client Care Supervisor when possible by taking on alternate tasks or duties, working extra hours, or modifying routinely arranged hours, when required

F. Professionalism

1. Demonstrates accountability, sound judgment, & ethical habits in all activities.

2. Works as a good example for expert conduct and expert practice( e.g., preserving composure during times of increased stress)

3. Maintains privacy of all information acquired from patient records and discussions with clients, physicians and other CareMount Medical personnel.

4. Demonstrates patient advocacy.

Licences & accreditations Medical Assistant

CareMount Medical.

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